Yesterday’s Arrests

August 29th, 2013

News broke yesterday that 6 persons were named in an indictment relating to the incident in Portland in April. We knew that there was a great likelihood the two persons directly involved with the incident would be named and authorities would pursue charges. We were not aware that there were other people that were going to be charged for the car incident, until a few days ago.

We were discussing LA trip logistics with our Front Office and the MLS, and the main condition was to “not bring the individuals involved in the car incident in Portland”. Although surprised by the new names, we agreed to the condition, but we requested an official letter with all the names, so we can show it to the individuals in question when giving them the news that they have to stay home.

We’ve been told that we didn’t need to do anything, because charges were on their way, and they will get here before the LA game, which they did.

We want to make clear that our ability to travel was NOT contingent on charges being filed. We received the news last week that we would be permitted to attend the 8/31 match at the StubHub Center, with no knowledge of if or when charges would be filed.

Looking to the future

This is another step in the process to moving forward and moving beyond the incident. While we travel with heavy hearts, we will use this as fuel for Saturday night as we cheer on our Club. As a group we don’t condone violence and will continue to work to prevent incidents like these from occurring again.