Wait Till We Get to the Hills

Todays TIFO

June 29th, 2014

For the first time in the 11+ year history of the 1906 Ultras, we decided not to bring a tifo into the derby. It was a difficult decision in light of the love we have for the Earthquakes. However, the relentless and increasing harassment we’ve been enduring for over a year from our FO has persuaded us to do the unthinkable.


Why should we bring in a tifo, and pretend everything is fine, when:

  • we still have innocent members banned from attending matches
  • every single one of our suggestions for the supporter section in the new stadium was rejected
  • our anniversary tifo was butchered because key elements were excluded due to FO lies
  • numerous banners were confiscated or rejected in the past year, including the preseason game in Fresno, even though they didn’t violate any rules
  • we attempted to compromise and send images of our tifo/message banners for review, they were rejected for arbitrary reasons though they didn’t violate any rules.
  • a significant number of our membership canceled season tickets, because they were tired of the hostile attitude and constant abuse from the FO
  • the Director of Stadium Operations sends the police to threaten a man in his 60′s who was helping out with our flags
  • we are constantly harassed and threatened to have our “privileges” taken away for the flimsiest of reasons
  • all of the hard work, time, and money we pour into the team is met with hostility instead of gratitude
  • we are treated like domestic terrorists when it comes to checking in our flags, drums, banners, etc.
  • our members (community leaders, doctors, students, etc.), who are guilty of nothing, have files kept on them simply because they belong to our group. As if we were a criminal organization
  • we are under constant surveillance by the police at our tailgates, in our section, and marching into the stadium
  • any attempt to reasonably solve these issues through discussions are sabotaged by lies, ulterior motives, and clueless middlemen
  • there’s a litany of other annoying and disrespectful actions coming from the FO that can go on forever…

Unlike most of the groups in this league, we are not a roving sideshow of attention-seeking clowns that’s here to amuse everybody, nor are we puppets that cower and obey when the strings are pulled. We will never lower our standards and self-respect to be like them no matter how badly you want us to be. Furthermore, some fundamental principles need to be clarified.

We do not do tifo to satisfy your need for advertising imagery or because you want to impress some suits who aren’t from here. We do our tifo for the love of the team and the city of San Jose — period. If we want to do a banner honoring a player or do something inspiring for the team, we will. If we want to do a banner insulting the visiting team and their fans, we will do that, too. Maybe you’re ok with 200+ visiting fans marching into our stadium and making themselves at home, but we can assure you that we and the majority of our fellow Quakes fans are not. Ask the Quakes fans who have to sit next to the visitors’ section how they feel about it. We have never done and never will do racist or homophobic tifo nor have we ever used vulgar language in our messages. We have consistently created many memorable world-class displays over the years that have added to the rich history of the team and stand among the best that this league has ever seen, so there is absolutely no reason for this continued censorship.

You are overdue for a reminder that it is a privilege for you to have us — not the other way around. We spend thousands of dollars on beer, season tickets, and merchandise; travel thousands of miles every season; spend weeks in the freezing cold and blazing heat painting banners that we pay for out of our own pockets; and make every sacrifice possible, from destroying our vocal cords to missing out on time with our families to help our team win at every single home game. The only thing that we ever ask for is to be left alone to do our thing — just like how things were for 10 years until you inexplicably declared war on us. If you want to continue to censor, harass, and threaten us, we hope you’ll be satisfied with “19740 Years of Quakes” or a tiny tarp with the old Quakes logo on it that can never seem to be held flat, because that is the alternative. If the standings are any indication, the teams needs you to focus your resources on improving conditions for them to fully utilize their talents instead of being petty tyrants to a group of loyal fans.

- The 1906 Ultras

End of the Season Post-Party, 10/27

October 16th, 2013

Immediately following and steps away from the San Jose Earthquakes’ Inaugural Awards Gala in downtown San Jose, the 1906 Ultras supporters group will be holding a free “Post-Party” on Sundah evening, October 27, 2013, from 7 to 10pm at the Blackbird Tavern, 200 South First Street (at Paseo de San Antonio). Http://theblackbirdtavern.com/
No host bar.

This FREE evening offers a chance to continue mingling with the Earthquakes players and fellow fans in an informal setting. The event features a silent auction with an assortment of rare and unique autographed Earthquakes memorabilia, as well as the presentation of the coveted Heart of an Ultra Award.

Downtown parking information can be found here:


Finish strong! – A message to our Boys in Black and Blue

September 29th, 2013

Dear Black & Blue Warriors,

You all know that we’ve always supported you unconditionally. We don’t only sing it or write it on banners. We live by our motto: “Win Or Lose, We’ll Always Be There For You!”. There were painful seasons– like 2008, 2009, or 2011– and there were painful playoff losses such as Colorado and home last year against LA. Those failures only perpetuated our undying support.

We understand that losses generate a need for even more support and enthusiasm, and THAT is when our voices sing louder, our flags fly higher, and our hearts beat faster.

Until last weekend, it appeared as though the season would end like the ones in 2008, 2009 or 2011. However, the coaching staff’s inspiration, coupled with your efforts and fighting spirit on the field, and the home crowd’s support in the stands, culminated in an impressive, unbeaten streak at home that brought us much needed points.

The phenomenal teamwork and Lenny’s beautiful headers sealed a hard fought win in Salt Lake that most thought it was impossible. Key word: “most”.

We, the most fanatical fans of this club, know that nothing is impossible for you guys. We believe in you and we know that in these five games that remain, you can turn around a season filled with bad luck, injuries, ridiculous suspensions and bad refereeing.

The final victory is ready for the taking and it WILL be taken. The ultimate victory is in your hands– or feet, I should say.

You control your own destiny.

Forget about the new stadium delay.

Forget about the biased officiating.

Forget the adversity you had to deal with for most of this year.

Forget about the overrated markets that are constantly being pushed forward into the spotlight.

You are the San Jose Earthquakes! You have more heart than all of them, and behind you stands not the biggest, but by far the most dedicated and loyal supporters group in this league. The season starts tonight!

Beat the cloned Goats! Except for defending against the racism allegations, they have nothing to fight for this year. You do! So play your game, play it well, and the three points will be yours. You are much better than them.

Defeat Colorado! A win will get us right there, only one point behind them in the fight for that last playoff spot. Tough game, but they are coming to Buck Shaw. We might not have their high altitude atmosphere, but we have electrical atmosphere in the stands and they won’t be able to handle that pressure.

Then we are going to Filth City. Again. Remember that 3-1 loss at home last year? Remember that 0-3 loss last month? Is that the difference between you guys and them? No way. You are better than that. You are better than them. We’ll beat them in their own home and that previous loss will mean less than a forgotten memory.

In between MLS games, we know damn well that you will Guate-Maul Heredia at home, and earn yourself more international appearances. There will be an earthquake alert all over Central America next year, once the CONCACAF Champions League restarts.

Dallas in the last game of the regular season? You’ll destroy them. You dominated them in their home a couple of months ago, before the ref decided to pull a CJ Ross and give them the tie. They won’t stand a chance at Fort Buck Shaw, where the visiting teams have the same chance of being victorious as a cow walking into a slaughterhouse.

Once you clinch that playoff spot, nobody will want to battle you. By then, you’ll be the hottest team in the league, and the road to winning the cup will be wide open for you.

Forget about what happened earlier in this season, boys! We know that you have the capacity to turn things around into the right direction. It was the San Jose Earthquakes who made the most spectacular combeack in the history of the American soccer in 2003, beating the Scum after being down 4-0.

It was you guys who got up from your knees and pulled similar combacks not once, not twice, but three times in the past two years, against the same Filth from down South.

It is our club that rose from the dead and reemerged like the Phoenix from the ashes in 2007.

It is time to show that spirit again, it is time to shine brighter, farther, and faster than the rest of the league.

As for last year, you were the best team in this league, but you left some unfinished business. Now is the time to finish it. Finish them all! Bring them down! One by one, step by step, town by town!

Dan – 1906 Ultras

Yesterday’s Arrests

August 29th, 2013

News broke yesterday that 6 persons were named in an indictment relating to the incident in Portland in April. We knew that there was a great likelihood the two persons directly involved with the incident would be named and authorities would pursue charges. We were not aware that there were other people that were going to be charged for the car incident, until a few days ago.

We were discussing LA trip logistics with our Front Office and the MLS, and the main condition was to “not bring the individuals involved in the car incident in Portland”. Although surprised by the new names, we agreed to the condition, but we requested an official letter with all the names, so we can show it to the individuals in question when giving them the news that they have to stay home.

We’ve been told that we didn’t need to do anything, because charges were on their way, and they will get here before the LA game, which they did.

We want to make clear that our ability to travel was NOT contingent on charges being filed. We received the news last week that we would be permitted to attend the 8/31 match at the StubHub Center, with no knowledge of if or when charges would be filed.

Looking to the future

This is another step in the process to moving forward and moving beyond the incident. While we travel with heavy hearts, we will use this as fuel for Saturday night as we cheer on our Club. As a group we don’t condone violence and will continue to work to prevent incidents like these from occurring again.

Moving Forward

August 23rd, 2013

San Jose Earthquakes president Dave Kaval and 1906 Ultras capo Dan Margarit jointly announce that they have reached agreement on terms for lifting the previously imposed travel ban on the 1906 Ultras supporters group and such ban has been lifted effective for the game on August 31 between the Earthquakes and Los Angeles Galaxy at StubHub Center. The 1906 Ultras will be assigned seats together in a designated section of the facility.

Why I am an Ultra

August 23rd, 2013

It seems fitting to post why I am a 1906 Ultra at a time like this.

I’ve been a member of the group since the Quakes returned in 2008, brought to my first match by my brother. Instantly the camaraderie, intensity, devotion and overall ethos had me hooked. Our tailgates are a highlight of my week, only topped by the 90 minutes of support that follow. Our independence from the Quakes Front Office is synonymous with Ultras culture, and instantly appealed to me.

I’m sure many MLS and futbol supporters had a similar experience to mine. One bit of exposure to live futbol in a supporter’s section and you’re hooked. Addicted. We pride ourselves on an encyclopedic knowledge of our players and a passionate support for all 90 minutes. Sometimes the passion takes over and mistakes are made. And while the mistakes we have made are overly publicized and exploited, they are similar to other incidents that have occurred with other SGs in the MLS and all over the world.

We have dealt with, and will continue to deal with, the fallout from our transgressions. We have made good-faith efforts to comply with the terms set by our Front Office. We have met to negotiate at their convenience, and exchanged terms, all with one singular purpose – attending our Club’s match against the LA Galaxy on August 31. This is our biggest derby, and one of the oldest and best rivalries in our league. As supporters, we believe we have the right to go. It is our duty to attend and support our Boy’s in Black and Blue against LA.

But rather than planning our trip to LA, we are stuck waiting for “terms” to discuss, likely to another dead end. These terms are due to come tomorrow, and will likely include more proscriptions of conduct, and no real substance as to our ability to travel or enter the StubHub Center.

Since the 1906 Ultras are fully financially independent from our FO, this is their last avenue to punish us. With no purse strings to tighten, or budgets to threaten, the FO knows where to hit us – in our hearts.

We don’t take money from our FO. Never have, never will. We do this to ensure the purpose of the 1906 Ultras never changes – support for the Quakes. We can’t support our Club in LA when we will be arrested upon entry. We can’t support our Club when those charged with running the operation want to use us as puppets for their marketing and game-day atmosphere.

Let us travel to LA. Let us move forward and support our Club.


1906 Ultras Statement

August 2nd, 2013

Following an incident at the San Jose Earthquakes match in Portland on April 14, 2013 involving the breaking of a car windshield reported to the Portland Police Department as having been allegedly perpetrated by an Earthquakes supporter, on April 19, the 1906 Ultras were placed on indefinite probation by Earthquakes President Dave Kaval. The probation included a ban on traveling to away games, and a ban on use of smoke and profane chants at home games, a sanction which we voluntarily accepted, not knowing at the time the identity of the perpetrator. The 1906 Ultras also conveyed an offer to pay for the broken windshield. The individuals involved in the incident have spoken to the police and cooperated in their investigation. To date no charges have been filed but the investigation is still ongoing.

On June 21, 2013, the 1906 Ultras received the following email from MLS Executive Vice President Nelson Rodriguez:


Earthquakes President Dave Kaval confirmed to 1906 Ultras representatives via telephone on June 21 and text message on June 24 that the probation would be lifted after the Seattle home game on July 13.  Below is a copy of his text message  from June 24:

kaval text

After the Seattle home game on July 13, Kaval told 1906 Ultras representatives via telephone that the ban would not be lifted because a 1906 Ultras member complained to the front office about being mistreated by Earthquakes security at the Stanford game against the Galaxy and because unspecific profanity was used at the Seattle game by unnamed members.

While there was a smoke device set off within the ultras section at the Stanford game, Kaval said he would have overlooked that if it wasn’t for the complaint about mistreatment.

Put together, it is clear from these messages that we are being collectively punished because no one was criminally charged for the Portland incident.  It is also clear that punishment is continuing not because we violated the terms of the probation but instead in retaliation because one of our members had the temerity to complain about being manhandled by Earthquakes security.  We categorically deny the allegation that we used profane chants at the Seattle game, and we have a full unadulterated recording of the match as proof.  Plainly, this accusation is merely a pretext to continue the probation and prevent us from travelling to Los Angeles to support the Earthquakes players against the Galaxy on August 31.  As mentioned, Kaval did not specify names of who is accused of using profanity or what words they used.

By its terms, this probation should have ended on July 14 but Kaval has gone back on his word and continues to maintain the unprecedented indefinite probation despite his and the league’s prior assurances that it would be lifted, punishing hundreds of innocent ultras members who have done nothing wrong.  From this day forward we shall be protesting – and defying – the unfair and illegitimate probation until it is ended.  Absent our consent, MLS and the Earthquakes cannot prevent Ultras members from traveling where they want, saying what they choose, and otherwise exercising the freedoms associated with being Americans.

This is a matter for the Portland police and district attorney’s office, who have so far declined to press charges.  Continuing punishment against the Ultras – which the league imposed precisely because NO charges were filed – is an abomination which we do not and will not recognize any longer.

Regarding the Incident in Portland

April 15th, 2013

The 1906 Ultras pride ourselves on an intense devotion to the San Jose Earthquakes and supporting our Boys in Black and Blue. However, we do not condone violence or criminal conduct.

We are troubled by some of the things we witnessed and have heard about before and after the Quakes-Timbers match at Jeld-Wen Field in Portland on Sunday evening. We are in the process of investigating what transpired, and if and to the extent any UItras members were involved, they will be removed from the group.

Additionally, if and to the extent any innocent victim(s) were actually damaged by improper action(s) of Ultras members, the 1906 Ultras intend to see that such innocent victim(s) are fully compensated, either directly by the individuals involved, or, failing that, indirectly by the 1906 Ultras as an organization.

The 1906 Ultras leadership will fully cooperate with any police investigations and will seek to ensure that events like those that transpired yesterday do not occur again.


The 1906 Ultras Leadership

You Know? He Just Don’t Get It

September 17th, 2012

By now, many of you have probably already read the Wall Street Journal article and saw its accompanying video that describe the growing use of tifo around the league. First off we’d like to thank Brian Aguilar for coming in and spreading this aspect of Ultras culture to those who did not know of its existence and educate those who knew little about it. The following is not a critique on the article, which we feel did a good job at pointing out the highs and lows of tifo in the United States (maybe could’ve use some more highlights) but rather a critique of our favorite person in all of Major League Soccer, our commissioner, Don Garber. Here is his quote from the article:

To me Mr. Commissioner, you still don’t get it.  Tifo is not about having a brand distinction.  It is not about adding to the bottom line of the league, the team, or to our group.  What tifo IS about is showing in an ULTRA-enthusiastic way our passion, our love, our commitment to the team with our club’s colors that takes the field every weekend (with the occasional let down of our rivals).  Tifo is not a business Mr. Commissioner.


The Ultra Life for Me

July 6th, 2012

It’s 7pm on a sunny Saturday evening in Palo Alto, CA and the much awaited match-up between our San Jose Earthquakes and the evil scum that call themselves the Los Angeles Galaxy is about to start.  Only for us, this game started a long time ago.  About a month ago to be exact.  Moments after our first win in LA in a very long time, there were already talks among our ranks of all the work that needed to be done for the big game at Stanford stadium.  We knew that we needed to do something epic.  Something inspiring.  And after getting back home to the bay after a long 8 hour bus ride from Carson, we set out to do just that.


Goonies never say die!

The Stoppage Time Hero

But let’s rewind to that fateful night in LA on May 23rd, 2012.  Somehow, someway, we were able to get close to 200 people to LA to represent the 1906 Ultras in particular and the San Jose Earthquake fan base as a whole.  On a Wednesday night!  Now I guarantee you that not one Ultra among us is unemployed, but we somehow got numbers out to LA that night.  When the schedule had first come out and we saw that this game fell on a Wednesday, there may have been some groans and gripes among us, but there was little doubt in our minds that yes, we would be going to this game.  It was our duty!

So imagine our dismay as we stood there, getting scored on for the second time to go down 2-0 after just having gone a man up.  Surely, this could not be happening.  Not like this!  But our sorrow didn’t last long as our reflexes quickly kicked in and we began to chant louder than before in order to get behind our boys.  That night would be no different on our part; however, the Quakes had something special up their sleeves for us.  First it was Lenny with a diving header, then Khari with a PK and then, to cap it all off, Gordon with the winner in the last minute of stoppage time.  Needless to say we went nuts.  So nuts that on our way out an LAPD helicopter hovered over us and shined their big bright spot light on us as if we were some out of control mob.  A normal human being would probably stop dead in their tracks and begin to disperse.  But that’s not in our DNA.


All work and no play…


It’s 8pm on a warm Tuesday night.  A woman in her sixties is frantically sewing together white bed sheets.  A multitude of people from all walks of life are busy painting.  A few folks with artistic talents are making minor tweaks to a design.  No this isn’t a sweat shop in China or a Silicon Valley upstart.  These are the Ultras hard at work, preparing the biggest tifo ever to be displayed in Northern California.  Oh, and that lady in her sixties sewing the bedsheets, she’s no one’s grandma, she’s an actual Ultra.  And she is hardcore!

For those of you who do not know what a tifo is, the basic definition is that a tifo is any type of choreographed display by fans in the stands of an arena or stadium in connection with a sporting event.  We Ultras pride ourselves on our tifos and game time atmosphere.  But to do it right means putting in a ton of hard work.  It all starts with ideas being thrown around by various members, but ultimately the decision lays with our Capo.  Once we have our concept, the more artistically talented Ultras get to work on the design.  It is then projected onto a large canvas (sewn together bed sheets) where it is sketched out and painted by the artistically challenged Ultra “grunts”.


Time to head into Stanford Stadium!


The Ultras usually always head into a stadium an hour or so before kickoff.  For the game against LA at Stanford, we started heading in at 5:30pm.  Together, we carried 3 large overhead banners, each big enough to cover an entire section, and a message banner which would span horizontally across 3 sections.  It had taken us 3 full weeks to complete this particular endeavor, where we dedicated our after work ours during the week and our weekends in an effort to create the most inspiring message we could for our boys in black and blue as well as our average Earthquake fan.

As for the game, well, I don’t think I need to tell you that it was of epic proportions!  A 4-3 come from behind win with none other than our hometown hero getting the winner.  It was one of the best sporting events I’d ever been to and by far the greatest Quakes game I’d ever had the pleasure of witnessing.  The boys played hard, and their hard work had paid off.  And in the back of every Ultra’s mind, there was the hope that in some way, shape or form, our hard work over the course of the month had somehow influenced the result.  Even if it was in the most minute way possible.  Earthquakes forever, we bleed black and blue!


Come on you Quakes!